The True North, Strong and Free: Is it about what you see or what you cannot see? Is it about all of us or just some of us? This piece is an attempt to find an answer.

About Me

I primarily work in stoneware clay fired to high cone 6 in oxidation firing. Some of my pieces are wheel thrown and altered, while others are handbuilt. I stand firmly in my belief that there is not a single “supreme” technique and that a combinations of various techniques will give you the best result. I use many different methods in order to bring “life” to my pieces. Sometimes I play with the contrast of bare clay next to shiny and glossy glazed surface, or colorful silk-screened details opposite to single-coloured glaze. All of my production pieces are fully functional; a trait in pottery which I consider of high importance – a piece should first and foremost be functional, while working in unity with the aesthetic aspect and its appeal.

I am an artist based in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.  I am a graduate from  Ceramics Program from Haliburton School of the Arts as well as a Visual and Creative Arts from Sir Sandford Fleming College.

I run my own studio in Oshawa, ON, and teach courses in pottery in Great Toronto Area.